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Admission Information

The School’s Unique Characteristics

Gathering of renowned experts and scholars
Integration of Chinese and western management ideas

The teaching staff of the top courses of the EMBA in Wuhan University is made up of renowned foreign professors and scholars, domestic senior EMBA professors and well-known experts in the fields of economics and management, who not only have outstanding achievements in their academic areas, but are also recognised as the masters in business management and management consultation. Integration of operation and management internationalisation and the Chinese management environment, a combination of Chinese and western ideas grants the students the opportunity to learn of the latest research achievements, management practice and policy dynamics from domestic and overseas bodies and to cultivate students with an international outlook and global operational ability.

Attending authority’s lecture and forum
Expanding operation and management thoughts

The EMBA syllabus regularly includes items by guest experts and scholars from overseas specialising in many fields of study, renowned politicians and entrepreneurs to give lectures or tutorials; in addition to the degree program system, the students can approach  many ideas and skills, obtain improvement of professional knowledge and expand new concepts for operation and management by analogy.

Obtaining strong intelligent support
Increasing overall humanistic qualities

The EMBA of Wuhan University depends on deep inherent humanistic qualities and the latest achievements of Wuhan University. It has strong strength in many subjects which are in leading places, and has highly skilled personnel resources and outstanding intelligent support. The students have opportunities to share comprehensive and advanced concepts in law, literature, philosophy, history, psychology and so on, to expand their vision, thus to target and increase ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ and overall qualities as high-class managers should have.

Collecting alumni network resources
Promoting mutual communication and cooperation

The students of EMBA of Wuhan University are from different industries and different enterprises countrywide, they can obtain systemic management knowledge through learning and can also share ideas, experiences and information, make friends, promote cooperation and interaction and thus obtain precious resource networks for the sustainable development of the individual and enterprises. All students can join in the EMBA league of Wuhan University to enjoy infinite communication and opportunities for business cooperation.

Enjoying top educational environment
Experiencing a world renowned university

The teaching facilities and conditions of EMBA of Wuhan University could be comparable with those of top universities worldwide. High quality teaching environment and conditions provide the tools and facilities to guarantee a high quality of teaching and teaching service level.The university is located around the foot of Luojia Hill and is surrounded by East Lake with trees and fragrant flowers everywhere. The buildings are of special architectural styles. These make Wuhan University one of the most beautiful universities in the world. Natural environment and landscaping projects take the students far from the hubbub of business and allow them to focus on their research and studies.

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