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Admission Information

Enrolment Instructions (Spring 2015)

  Enrolment Instructions for the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Class (Spring, 2015) of Wuhan University

  Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program is master-level education aiming at executives or senior government officials.

  Wuhan University is one of the universities first approved by the Office of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee (document of “X.W.B. [2002] No. 64”) to launch the “Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Program”. Since August 2002, we have opened 39 EMBA classes. Our EMBA program has been ranked among the top four “EMBA programs with the Best Leadership in China’s Market” in the last concessive nine years. In December 2010, our MBA/EMBA program passed accreditation by the Association of MBA (AMBA), the fourth university approved by AMBA in Mainland China .

  Why choose EMBA of Wuhan University

  1. A long history which can be traced back to “Commerce Department” of Ziqiang Institute founded in 1893 by Zhang Zhidong, Governor General of Hunan and Guangdong, in late Qing Dynasty.

  2. A program accredited by the Association of MBA

  3. One of the top four “EMBA programs with the Best Leadership in China’s Market”

  4. Internationalized educational methods and global vision

  5. Faculty with practical management experience in large organizations

  5. Entrance Examination mainly based on interview and work performance evaluation.

  7. EMBA Alumni Association providing abundant network resources and a platform for cooperation and development.

  Objectives of our EMBA program

  The vision of the EMBA program is to employ a broader knowledge base involving humanities and social studies alongside management, with the aim of delivering the best EMBA education in China ; the mission is to develop organizational leaders in both industry and the public sector with a strategic and global mindset and with high social responsibility; and the values are open- minded, strategic vision, high ethical values, critical thinking, agile in action. Based on prestigious humanistic tradition, profound academic thoughts, and beautiful campus, we have been dedicated to develop distinctive courses and deliver the best EMBA education in China by gathering management elites and distinguished scholars home and abroad. We aim to cultivate senior leaders or executives adapted to international competition, with good business ethics, strong innovative and leadership capability, strategic decision-making ability, with a good command of management knowledge and latest trend in economy and technology.


  The EMBA curriculum consists of Required, Core and Elective Courses. The curriculum includes five modules: Orientation, Basic Courses, Specialized Courses, Study Tour Abroad, Master’s Thesis Defense and the Award of EMBA Degree, together with a number of special lectures and forums such as humanities & social science lectures series,academic frontier forum,Luojia leader forum,experience sharing forum to comprehensively enhance the quality of the entrepreneurs. ModulesCoursesTypeCredithoursCreditPoints

  OrientationElite Development/ Entrepreneurship and Mentality Mode AdjustmentRequired Course

  Basic CoursesTheories and Practices of Socialist EconomicsRequired Course32

  Business English and CommunicationRequired Course32

  Managerial EconomicsCore Course32

  Leadership & StrategiesEnterprise Strategy ManagementCore Course32

  Art and Science of LeadershipCore Course32

  Investment Decision Making and Risk ManagementOptional Course32

  Modern Corporate GovernanceCore Course32

  Organization & HR ManagementAdvanced Human Resource ManagementCore Course32

  Organizational Behaviour / Management PsychologyCore Course32

  Marketing & Business AdministrationMarketing ManagementCore Course32

  International BusinessOptional Course32

  Consumer BehaviourOptional Course16

  Strategic Brand ManagementOptional Course16

  Accounting & FinanceCorporate Financial ManagementCore Course32

  Financial Statement AnalysisCore Course32

  International FinanceCore Course32

  Tax PlanningOptional Course32

  Financial Market and Capital OperationsOptional Course32

  Ethics & LegalityEconomic LawOptional Course32

  Business EthicsCore Course16

  Industry Features2-4 coursesOptional Course64-1084-6

  Forums & Special LecturesSpecial LecturesOptional Course

  Academic Leading edge ForumOptional Course

  Luojia Leadership ForumOptional Course

  Master's ThesisSpecial Lectures for Thesis WritingRequired Course

  Academic Oral DefenseRequired Course

  Teaching method

  Advanced international teaching methods are fully adopted, featuring inspiring and interactive teaching, complemented by self-learning. Teaching methods include case analysis, group discussion, seminar and forum, computer simulation, practice oriented training, etc. The program is delivered in Chinese and English. Simultaneous translations are provided for the courses taught in English with bilingual teaching materials. Each foreign teacher is provided with an assistant and a simultaneous translator to ensure the information is conveyed effectively.

  Teaching Features

  Lectures + Case Analysis + Interactive Discussions + Computer Simulation +Practical Oriented Training + Mobile Classroom + Humanities & Social Science Lectures series + Academic Frontier Forum + Luojia Leader Forum + Experience Sharing Forum + Social Activities + Visits to Famous Enterprises


  Over 95% of the lecturing Professors of EMBA of Wuhan University possess Ph.D degree, among which more than 20% are renowned overseas scholars and more than 90% have practical experiences in business. Lecturing professors are mainly from Wuhan University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xiamen University, Nankai University, Harvard University, Cambridge University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Chicago, University of South Florida, Rouen Business School of France, etc..

  Qualifications for Applicants

  The applicant must be a senior manager of a large scale enterprise with a bachelor’s degree or above (generally a bachelor’s degree is required) of national education standard, and at least 8 years’ work experience (including a minimum of 4 years at managerial level) after undergraduate education. Less than10% of top management staff with junior college degrees of national education standard and plentiful practice experience can be admitted.

  Application Documents

  A completed copy of the application form (downloadable online, or it can be obtained from the enrolment and consulting office);

  Recommendation letters by two experts or organisation directors;

  Eight 1-inch photos for registration, with blue background and without hat, one digital photo is also required;

  Two copies of ID card;

  Organizational structure chart (with signature and seal of the applicant’s organization);

  One business card of the applicant;

  The original academic certificate along with one copy;

  One essay on any topic (illustrated by one’s own management experience, about 3,000 words)

  Study Cost

  Tuition fee: RMB 358,000 per person ;

  Application fee: RMB 1,000 per person;

  Tuition fee covers expenses for lectures, textbooks, notes, translation, access to school facilities, thesis defense fee, and charges for refreshments (excludes expenses for accommodation, transportation, and study tours abroad before graduation).

  Entrance Examination

  Applicants must attend the examinations organized by EMBA Admission Examinations Committee of Wuhan University (including written examination and interview). Applicants will be chosen for admission by an integrated assessment on performance and potential.

  The written exam covers writing, logic and mathematics, focusing on testing basic professional qualities and abilities of the applicants.

  The interview mainly tests potential and abilities of the applicant as an excellent manager.

  After qualifications investigation and entrance examinations, the qualified applicant will be admitted after being reviewed by the university and approved by Academic Degree Commission of the State Council.

  Learning Methods

  Part-time learning; the learning period is 18-24 months; there will be one course delivered in consecutive 4 days (containing a weekend) every month or the courses can be delivered in festivals.

  Degree Award

  The students who have completed required credits in due course, and finished writing thesis with the guidance of advisors can apply for thesis defense after being reviewed and recommended by at least two specialists with senior professional title.

  After passing thesis defense organized by thesis defense committee comprised of experts, the students will be granted an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree accreditated by the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council.

  Application Period

  Enrolment all year round (the application time of session 40 ends on March 16, 2013)

  Examination Time

  The examination time of session 40 is March 16, 2013

  Contact Us

  EMBA Education Centre of Wuhan University

  Address: A112 Economics and Management School of Wuhan University, Luojia Mountain, Wuhan, China

  Phone: 027-68753004 68753005

  Fax: 027-68755138

  E-mail: whuemba@whu.edu.cn

  Website: http:// emba.whu.edu.cn

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