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1. When should I apply and take the exam? Are there any pre-exam training courses provided for the applicants?

As the EMBA program has its unique mode in design, there are a few flexibilities in admission. In general, applicants are formally admitted in spring and autumn every year. Before admission, proof of held qualifications and entrance examinations must be carried out.

Application time is not restricted. When the number of applicants amounts to a certain number, applicants can be informed of the time to attend entrance examinations after their qualifications have been checked by the EMBA Admission Examination Committee of Wuhan University.

The EMBA Education Centre of Wuhan University will inform the applicants of examination structure beforehand, so that the applicants can prepare for the exam in advance.

(1) Written examination: focused on testing basic qualities and various capabilities of the applicants.

(2)  Interview: The interviews will be hold in groups, testing the potentials and capabilities of the applicants as senior managers.

The entrance examination emphasises on the testing of comprehensive qualities and potentials of the applicants as future senior managers. If the applicants who require pre-exam training reach a certain number, the EMBA Education Centre can organise and arrange training in response to their demand.

2. Is there any special policy regarding application qualifications?

The EMBA is elite education. The EMBA of Wuhan University has strict standards on qualifications of the applicant before the applicant can apply.

Normally, the applicants should have a bachelor’s degree or above and at least 8 years’ work experiences including a minimum of 4 years at the managerial level.

As for a few particularly outstanding applicants, standards could be adjusted after approval of EMBA Education Leadership Group of Wuhan University.

3. Please describe the structure of the whole written examination paper.

The applicant must attend independent examinations organised by the Admission Examinations Committee (including a written exam and an interview). Applicants will be selected for admission through a comprehensive assessment on their performance and potential.

The examinations consist of two parts (written examination and interview), respectively accounting for 40% and 60% of the overall score.

The full mark of the written examination is 100 . The test is composed of three aspects (English proficiency, mathematical thinking and managerial ability). Each part respectively accounts for 30%, 30% and 40% of the examination.

4. Is the English test difficult? How much weight does the English test have in the selection process? What are the English test structure and questions like?

One of the important characteristics of the EMBA at Wuhan University is the abundant teaching resources. The centre invites renowned domestic and overseas experts and scholars from top universities and business schools world-wide to teach the students; some of the courses are taught in English. Therefore, the students are expected to have a certain level of English reading ability, which is also indicated in the application qualifications.

In the written examination, the English test totals 30 marks , with two question types (multiple choice question and translation).

The students will learn Business English after entrance. In addition, in order to make the students better understand and learn advanced operation and management concepts, the centre provides simultaneous interpretation for the courses which are taught in English at present.

5. How is the interview conducted? Is it difficult? How should I prepare for the interview?

The interview will adopt a leaderless group style with 3-5 people per group. The interview aims to test the applicants’ abilities of analysing and resolving the issues in management cases, and also test the cooperative abilities of the team.

The interview focuses on testing potentials and abilities of the applicants as senior managers. Those applicants who have accumulated much management experience in daily practices could obtain good result in the interview.

6. What are the policies about the disciplines and class attendance?

The EMBA learning of Wuhan University adopts a flexible learning system. The duration is 18~24months, part-time learning. The program is taught in consecutive 4 day periods (containing a weekend) every month.

After entrance, the students of the EMBA should closely abide to relevant learning stipulations in the ‘EMBA Students Management Guide of Wuhan University’ and attend lectures and complete homework on time. The students who cannot attend the class due to extenuating circumstances should submit written application for approval of by the EMBA Education Centre, and have to make up for the course with the next class. Those students who fail the exam of a course have to restudy it till obtaining the credit.


7. Is it difficult to obtain the certificate?

After passing examinations of all courses, completing the master’s thesis and passing the thesis defence and gaining the approval of the academic degree evaluation committee, the student will obtain an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree approved by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council.

The students who do not accomplish all courses or obtain stipulated credits due to special reasons can apply for resits; if the students do not pass master’s thesis defence, the centre will give an opportunity for the students to apply for a delay defence; details of the time and place will be arranged by the EMBA Education Centre.

EMBA Education Centre of Wuhan University

June 19th, 2006

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