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Dean Xie Danyang Blueprints Wuhan’s Future: an International City in 2040

  On the morning of March 22, on occasion of the 2014 Spring School Return Event of EMBA at our school, Professor Xie Danyang, the Dean of EMS and a famous economist, staged on the “EMBA Frontier Lecture of Wuhan University”, and gave a wonderful keynote speech titled “Distant Concerns and Immediate Worries Related to Chinese Economy” to the EMBA alumni and students.


  Starting with the internal problems of Chinese economy, Professor Xie made an in-depth analysis of the question what the Chinese government should do to address issues related to inflation, income distribution and housing price bubble by comparison of different countries. With respect to the external troubles, he provided some insights into phenomena like the steady recovery of American economy and the temporary ending of European debt crisis. Finally, he shared his opinions on Wuhan’s status in the Chinese economy, and whether this city could take the role of an international metropolis. “There are about 1.2 million students at universities and colleges in Wuhan, which ranks top in the world. So the city can try to promote the talent training in business service exportation,” said he. Considering the transport and geographical location of Wuhan, he believed that with efforts of a generation, by 2040, Wuhan would have the capacity to be an international city, a global talent pool, and the first stop for foreign visitors in China.


  EMBA Frontier Lecture is the high-end interactive learning platform established by the EMBA Education Center, Wuhan University. Renowned specialists in economics and management as well as entrepreneurs at home and abroad are invited to give special speeches in respects of international frontier or hot political issues, best management practice, latest business environmental development and trend, etc.

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